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Helping you every step of the way
The funeral ceremony is the culmination of the work that has taken place since the death occurred
and to many people the funeral cortège is the most important function of the funeral director.

Funeral Ceremony

Our funeral directors will be in attendance throughout the entire proceedings, whether you opt for a burial or cremation, to
ensure smooth running of the event. They will ably fulfil the role
of master of ceremonies to guide and direct the guests
and oversee the funeral day.

As well as the funeral director we will also be present
as pallbearers if required, all dressed impeccably
as befits the occasion.


day of the funeral


If you need any assistance then please call us today.
  Services on the day

Book of Memorial

As part of our funeral services, we are happy to organise a
Memorial Book for you, a book which each person who attends
the funeral can sign and leave special thoughts and
words about your loved one.

Our staff will be happy to assist with the signing of the
memorial book by all guests on the day for you.


Adam Collier takes care of every aspect of the funeral day
including transportation of your loved one to the funeral and
to their final resting place. We will also drive you and your
family to the funeral and back to your chosen place
i.e. pub, restaurant or simply back home.

You can choose from our range of elegant cars,
for your loved one's final journey.

We are here to help you every step of the way on this
emotional and exhausting day, ensuring you have no
worries with regards to arrangements or to the
smooth running of the day.