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A funeral plan gives you peace of mind
Your loved ones will not have the additional burden of arranging and paying for your funeral,
all the arrangements are specified by yourself and the funeral plan is specifically
tailored to suit your own exact requirements.
Pre-paid Plans

The funeral plan can be paid for as a one off payment; interest
free over a period of twelve months; or thereafter can be financed
over a period of up to ten years if required. Give us a call
for further information on options available.

All of the money is paid directly to the Golden Charter Trust,
an independently actuated trust fund, and can only be
released to the funeral director on production of
the death certificate.


golden charter funeral plans

  More Information

For more information or advice on prepaid funeral planning,
please contact our funeral director who will be happy
to discuss your requirements either in our offices
or in the comfort of your own home.


pre paid funeral plans