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A dignified service in a relaxed atmosphere
Sensitive care and preparation of the deceased is a priority and the services of nurses, hair and
beauty technicians and embalmers are available if required, please call for more information.


A choice of coffins, a fleet of vehicles and the Chapel of Rest are
all available for families and friends to visit by appointment.

Press Announcements and Notices Appointments arranged
and advice given for Registration of Death.

Help and advice with applications for financial assistance,
if applicable.
Remember, our caring and experienced staff
are available to offer confidential advice.


Floral Tributes

You may have a specific type of flower or colour in mind, or wish
to have a bespoke design, coffin spray, hand-tied bouquet or
wreath. We can assist you with your choice and place your
order with specialist florists.


We are able to offer advice on all aspects of music. In addition to traditional hymns it is often possible to have recorded music played
at the service. You may choose to have an instrumental accompaniment, or choir or perhaps a piper.

Service Sheets In-House Printing

We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements. As an
added personal touch, you may choose to include a photograph
of your loved one or an image of something of significance to them.
As well as providing a keepsake, you are able to send a service
sheet to those who are unable to attend the funeral.


Arrangements can be made with local caterers, hotels, restaurants
or venues dependent upon your personal requirements.

In Memoriam Charitable Donations

We will collect and administer donations for
the charity of your choice.

Books of Remembrance

These are available in addition to Attendance Cards which
are signed at the funeral service. Memorial Books can be made
available for mourners to write their own personal messages.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

A Pre-paid Funeral Plan not only gives you the opportunity to
arrange your funeral in accordance with your own wishes but
also offers peace of mind to your family when decisions at the
time of a death can sometimes be both emotionally
and financially difficult.

Interment of Cremated Remains (the Ashes)

We can offer guidance and assistance and
arrange their final resting place.

Monumental Masons

Advice can be given on all forms of memorials
and tablets to suit your requirements.


Both nationally and internationally, repatriations can be
arranged using our trained staff and discreet vehicles.

Choices include memorial masonry in the form of a headstone
at a graveside, a plaque, a park bench, a tree or another item
dedicated to the life of a loved one. With regards to masonry,
you have a wide choice of materials, shapes, vases, plaques
and inscriptions - from the traditional to the deceased's
favourite saying or phrase.

You may also add photographs or images into the permanent
memorial where local restrictions do not apply and we will
help you through this entire process.


memorial masonry


Help with permissions from the local council

We will work with you long after the funeral service where necessary permissions are needed etc. to erect your chosen memorial.

You have several options for the cremated remains of your
loved one, including scattering in a favourite location, burial in
a local churchyard, cemetery or woodland etc. or you can
have a scattering or burial in your own home or simply
keep the remains at home.

We have a wide selection of beautiful traditional and
contemporary urns and cremation memorials and we will help
you through this choice and decision-making process
with great care and sympathy.